Lamar: Exostosis Removal

Officer “Lamar” is an eight year old Percheron and Thoroughbred gelding that is used by the Oxford Police Department Mounted Patrol. The Mounted Patrol is used extensively by the Oxford police department for policing of the Square and events at the University of Mississippi. A patrol horse undergoes extensive training along with its rider. The horse must not be startled by noises and crowds. With such an investment of money and training the Oxford Police department insists that their horses are in good health and ready to perform.

Lamar was previously owned by the Angola State Prison in Louisiana. When he arrived he already had an exostosis on his left mandible. An exostosis (shown left), is a bony mass that is covered with skin. This particular mass was about the size of a golf ball. The officer that rides and handles Lamar was concerned that the exostosis would become hung on something to the detriment of both rider and horse.

Lamar was presented for dental work and removal of the exostosis. X-ray films were taken to see where the exostosis was attached. Standing sedation was used for all of the procedures. First, a local nerve block was administered around the exostosis. The teeth were then floated which included equilibration and balancing of the dental arcades. A wolf tooth (premolar 1) was then removed.

The skin around the mass was excised and a saw was used to cut the bony stalk from the mandible. We then closed the now open surgical site with external sutures. Lamar was placed on an antibiotic for a week and is expected to recover without any complications.

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